Why is the fee schedule of your Wedding Ceremonies broken down by the size of the wedding & guest count?”

​While most professional Maine Wedding Officiants charge a standard rate of $500-900+ per ceremony plus rehearsal, we understand that smaller wedding parties with less guests may be working with a tighter budget and not every couple has allocated that type of fee into their wedding day. Therefore, we wanted to offer our couples with a smaller wedding a smaller price tag, and the choice of paying for their ceremony or all-inclusive package with one of our monthly payment options. We never want a bride not to hire us because she cannot afford the beautiful ceremony she has always dreamed of!

What would happen if my Wedding Officiant became sick, or had a family emergency on the day of my rehearsal or ceremony?

​Not to worry! While we hope this never happens, rest assured that All In One Weddings has a professional staff of 9 Wedding Officiants on our team. Your ceremony would be quickly assigned to another officiant who would meet with you before your ceremony to put your mind at ease. All of
our officiants have several years of experience and would be able to step in at a moment’s notice. We are the only officiant service in Maine who works as a team, and not as a sole proprietor. Other wedding officiants have called upon us when they have had an emergency and needed one of us to step in quickly. Rest assured, we would not allow anything to come between our couples on your very special day! The show must go on!

Do I really need a microphone & speaker for my outside wedding, or large indoor wedding? I don’t want to be holding a microphone during my ceremony.

​​The microphone & speaker is to insure that all of your guests are able to hear your ceremony. Many of them have traveled near and far to hear those sacred vows that you are about to exchange! The bride and groom never hold the microphone, it is only for your officiant and your readers. There are so many distractions that can deter the ceremony from being heard by your guests ~ nearby traffic, birds chirping and flying overhead, the waves (while breathtaking) crashing on the rocks behind you, tourists if you are in a public venue, kids talking, babies crying, planes flying overhead, guests whispering, and (while warned) those who forgot to turn off their pagers and cell phones. Don’t let these distractions or others prevent Great Aunt Edith from hearing your “I Do’s”. Many times your DJ will have a microphone and speaker set available for your ceremony. All In One Weddings can also provide this for you.

​Can I meet with my officiant before the wedding to be sure that he or she is a good “fit” for us?

​​Of course! All of our ceremonies and packages include a complimentary consultation with your wedding officiant. For our out-of-state couples who are often on a time crunch when they come to Maine, telephone consultations and unlimited email contact is also available. Each one of us has a personal Bio which we would also be happy to share with you!

​My dog (cat, gerbil, pig, pet alligator) is part of my family. Can he / she be in my wedding?

​​Yes, we love animals as much as you do! Of course, we are joking about the pet alligator, but any and all other animals are certainly welcome to be a part of your wedding party. We have worked with hundreds of “flower dogs” and “ring dogs” in the past, and we enjoy the wet sloppy kisses while they are presenting us with your wedding bands!